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The Char-Broil Big Easy Infrared Turkey Fryer, meant for the outdoors, is not technically a fryer at all. It uses a propane-powered heating chamber to cook the turkey. Because it doesn’t require oil, you can use a rub on the skin without worrying about it dissolving off. However, this model does require a propane tank. Epicurious tested it and said, “Every one of our 14 Thanksgiving guests said the turkey was the best they’d ever tasted, and it was still juicy days later.” We followed up with Jolène M. Bouchon, the author of the Epicurious piece, who told us, ”I don’t know if it’s because we stored the machine outside (covered, but still) or if this is something that just happens over time, but the second year we did our turkey in the machine, it cooked unevenly. Some of the propane jet outputs had gotten blocked, I believe, which we didn’t realize until cooking was underway.” Serious Eats’s J. Kenji López-Alt considered it a unitasker and said, “Skin was great too—better than the roast, though not quite as cracklingly crisp as the actual deep-fried bird.” It’s highly rated on Amazon, where people love it for the most part, though two people claim theirs caught on fire. Ultimately, cooking takes considerably longer than in the oil fryers: 8 to 10 minutes per pound, making a 12-pound bird a two-hour affair from raw to cooked (as opposed to the 30-minute heating plus 30 to 45 minutes in an oil fryer). While some owners think the results taste like the real deal, others think it’s not the same. Amazon customer JaSoN says, “My big complaint is that this device basically just replicates your oven, but outside.”

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