The Best Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner for 2023

Although there’s no portable carpet cleaner that can magically undo every type of carpet stain, the Little Green does a better job than most. In our tests, it completely removed common stains, like chocolate syrup and wine, with a few minutes of scrubbing. And it significantly lightened the most challenging stains: wax- and oil-based pigment sticks and chili. Some models worked a bit better than the Little Green on the chili and pastels, but the difference was not dramatic. In a previous round of testing, the Little Green also did a very good job on whisked eggs, blue dye, and bacon grease—again, not quite the best of the bunch, but very close. In our uncontrolled, real-world testing, we also found that the Little Green could reliably clean up dog-poop smears and kids’ vomit.

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