The 4 Best Electric Stoves and Ranges

Note that we are currently reevaluating all of our guides to ranges and our advice on buying them, and that includes learning all we can about induction cooktops and stoves. This is largely due to changing city and state regulations (video) on installing gas kitchen equipment and the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act, which introduced the first federal consumer rebates on electric kitchen appliances. If you need to buy a new electric stove now, the picks below are all available and are made by companies we trust, so we remain confident in recommending them.

Our pick

GE JB735

The GE JB735 offers the best balance of build quality and cooking features in an affordable electric range, and it’s available in more finishes than most.

Buying Options

*At the time of publishing, the price was $798.

The GE JB735 offers as much space in the oven and versatility on the cooktop as any electric range at this price. The smooth cooktop’s two strongest and most-versatile heating elements are in the front row, where they’re easiest to reach. The 5.3-cubic-foot oven is big enough to fit a large, 26-pound turkey or a 15-by-20-inch baking stone, and it has a convection mode, air fry mode, and two types of self-cleaning modes (high-heat or steam-and-wipe). The previous version of this range, the JB750, received largely positive reviews and seemed generally reliable, and so far the JB735 follows suit. We do wish the oven came with a third rack.


Frigidaire Gallery GCRE3060A

This stove has features similar to those of the GE JB735. But the Frigidaire Gallery GCRE3060A hasn’t been available as long, so we know less about its reliability.

If the GE JB735 is unavailable, or you just don’t like the brand, the Frigidaire Gallery GCRE3060A is a good alternative. Both stoves’ specs and features are similar, and compared side by side on paper, neither one has any significant advantages or disadvantages. But the Frigidaire is available in just two finishes (versus the GE JB735’s five). It also has fewer positive owner ratings than the GE JB735.

Budget pick

GE JB645

GE makes a lot of great cheap ranges, and this one has the best features for the price.

Buying Options

*At the time of publishing, the price was $649.

If you don’t want to spend quite so much on a stove, we recommend any electric, freestanding GE range that fits your budget. The GE JB645 stands out as having a particularly good combination of cooking features and build quality at an affordable price. This stove has a smooth cooktop with an array of power elements you’d expect to find on much pricier models, as well as a sizable, 5.3-cubic-foot oven that’s bigger than those of most competing models. There’s no convection mode, typical for stoves this cheap. But the JB645 comes with high-heat self-cleaning, which is uncommon among similar ranges.

Also great

GE Profile PB965

This double-oven range has one of the largest lower ovens we’ve seen in this quirky product category, and it has one of the strongest power-burner elements we’ve seen on any freestanding range.

Buying Options

*At the time of publishing, the price was $1,798.

If you’re looking for a double-oven range, we recommend the GE Profile PB965. It has best-in-class cooking features, including as powerful a cooktop as we’ve seen on any freestanding range. And its lower oven can fit bigger birds and roasts than other two-cavity models can accommodate.

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