Samsung’s The Frame Disney100 Edition TV Celebrates 100 Years of Disney Magic

As part of the celebration of Disney100, Samsung has partnered with the world’s most popular entertainment brand on The Frame Disney100 Edition TV. Samsung joins a rather long list of brands that have paid for the right to celebrate 100 years of Disney with its own distinct product.

The exclusive edition of The Frame TV brings together innovative Samsung technology and Disney magic. The Frame Disney100 Edition includes several features that should appeal to Disney fans such as: 

  • Exclusive platinum silver metal bezels in the Disney100 signature color 
  • A special Disney Edition Remote solar-powered remote is provided as a nod to Disney’s most beloved character, Mickey Mouse.
  • When users turn on the TV, they are greeted by a Samsung x Disney100 onscreen logo.
  • 100 pieces of art from Disney including content from Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and National Geographic.

Inside The Frame TV

In addition to the special Disney Edition features, the following is a brief look at some of the standard features common to Samsung Frame TVs. 

The Samsung Frame TV is a 4K UHD QLED TV. A QLED TV is an LCD-based TV. This means they have an LED backlight and images are viewed on an LCD display panel. However, it adds another component, a sheet of Quantum Dots (that is where the “Q” comes from). The Quantum Dot sheet is placed between the LED backlight and LCD panel to improve color.

Tip: WTF is a QLED TV?

Samsung developed the Frame TV as a lifestyle TV to meet the needs of consumers who wish to blend the TV into their home décor with an emphasis on art display when the TV is turned off or not being used to watch TV programs or movies.

Disney art for Samsung Frame-Disney100 Edition TV

Art Mode: When the Frame TV is turned off it wakes up to Art Mode when you walk by thanks to its built-in motion sensor.

Art Store: Users can curate and display their own photos and art or select from the Samsung Art Store, with more than 2,100 new and classic works of art from museums and galleries.

Samsung Collection: Put your favorite moments and memories up on the screen for all to see. It’s easy to upload your files to The Frame TV straight from a phone using the SmartThings app or a USB flash drive.

Anti-Reflection with Matte Display: Watch shows and view artwork with virtually no light reflection thanks to the screen’s canvas-like finish. Say goodbye to washout and see The Frame’s clarity, color, and contrast shine through. Anti-Reflection with Matte Display limits light distraction by reducing glare.

Samsung The Frame Disney100 Edition Lifestyle TV with Mickey Mouse Art

Slim-Fit Wall-Mount included: Hang The Frame flush against the wall to look like the real thing with the Slim Fit Wall-Mount; included with The Frame TV purchase. Even more, limit the cable clutter to just one invisible connection cable that goes to the Slim One Connect box to keep all eyes on what’s on the actual display.

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One-Connect Box: Instead of connecting everything to the TV, you connect all of your sources to the provided One Connect Box and then use a single thin connection to the TV. This means that there are only two cables connected to the TV, the one from the external box and a power cord. 

HDR: HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG HDR formats are supported. Samsung TVs do not support Dolby Vision.

Samsung Quantum AI Processor 4K

Quantum Processor: Content on screen is upscaled with detailed precision to 4K.

Gaming Hub: Allows gamers to play games from Xbox and other game streaming partners with no downloads, storage limits, or console required. In addition, Game Bar 3 provides several gameplay setting options.

Smart Hub: Entertainment, Gaming, and other entertainment content options are available in one place, including Samsung TV Plus. The Smart Hub also provides access to major streaming services with access to a lot more via the Samsung TV app store. In addition, the Hub makes content recommendations based on individual viewing preferences.

HDMI: HDMI ver 2.1 inputs are provided for ARC/eARC, VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), and ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode).

Wireless Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth ver 5.2

Soundbar Pairing: The Samsung Frame TVs can pair with Samsung Q and S-Series soundbars for a more immersive sound listening experience by combining the TV’s speakers with the soundbar (Q-Symphony). 

Tip: Dolby Atmos is supported.

Tip: For a complete feature and specifications breakdown for the Disney100 Frame TVs, download the official product sheet (pdf)

Corner Bezel for Samsung The Frame Disney100 Edition TV

Availability and Pricing

The Samsung Disney100 Edition Frame TV is available in 55, 65, and 75-inch  screen sizes while supplies last.

Samsung The Frame Disney100 Edition Lifestyle TV Front

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