Samsung’s 98-inch QN990C NEO-QLED 8K TV is $40,000: CEDIA 2023 

For those that thought that 8K was going to disappear from the market due to low consumer acceptance and the issue of EU TV Power regulations, it looks like Samsung is forging ahead with the addition of a new flagship 8K TV that is clearly aimed at the custom install market.

Very few consumers will even look twice at a $40,000 TV and with the prices of 95″ to 110″ TVs coming down thanks to TCL and Hisense. Is there really that much demand for the Samsung QN990C Neo QLED?

Samsung QN990C


The $39,999 8K QN990C is being prominently displayed at Samsung’s CEDIA 2023 booth and has certainly garnered a lot of media attention.

The QN990C rests at the top of its Neo QLED TV line-up. The TV features an LCD display panel supported by Mini-LED backlighting and a layer of Quantum Dots for color enhancement. The LCD display panel has a 120Hz refresh rate.

Samsung Neo QLED TV Technology

Its Neural Quantum Processor uses AI-based formulas to upscale any content to 8K.

The Samsung 8K AI depth enhancer enables the TV to precisely boost lighting around the objects that viewers’ eyes gravitate toward, while dimming lighting elsewhere – providing not only better visuals, but also improved power consumption from the screen.

For audio support, the QN990C provides built-in Dolby Atmos and Cinema Object Tracking Sound, so every sound comes through clear and balanced, for viewers.

The TV also features a 360-degree All-Metal Design, impossibly slim profile, and Slim Fit Wall Mount, allowing the TV to fully blend into any surroundings. 

Anti-Glare screen and Ultra Viewing Angle technology supports daylight viewing without drawing the shades or turning off the lights to see the picture clearly.

Samsung TV Plus Free TV Channel Guide

The QN990C also provides Samsung’s complete suite of smart TV features including access to abundant streaming services, and TV Plus.

Samsung Gaming Hub

Gaming support is also provided through the Gaming Hub (including Xbox Games without having to plug in an Xbox).

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The QN990C joins the rest of Samsung’s 4K and 8K TV product line which include more Neo-QLED, QLED, OLED and QD-OLED, and Micro-LED TVs

From James Fishler, Senior Vice President, Home Entertainment & Display Divisions at Samsung Electronics America: “Only Samsung offers the largest portfolio of connected screens with innovative solutions for every spec, and every setup – and we’re always innovating to ensure we provide custom installers the support they need to turn their clients’ dream spaces into reality with Samsung…We’re proud that our partners and customers trust Samsung – the #1 global TV brand for 17 years running – to deliver the best innovations for any space and we’re excited to reconnect with them at CEDIA.”

Where to buy: $39,999 at

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