Samsung Announces Smart Monitors for 2023

Samsung has already released a wide range of new TVs for 2023 (refer to the related reading section at the bottom of this article) and there is still more to come. However, they also make innovative PC monitors. For 2023, Samsung has updated its Smart PC Monitor lineup which is also compatible with the newest M2 and M2 Pro Mac mini desktop computers from Apple.

The reason that these monitors may be of interest to eCoustics readers is that they offer features that both PC users and TV viewers will like. They are not only great companions for the PC environment, but you don’t even need to turn your PC on to use a number of their features. 

Let’s take a closer look at Samsung’s M8, M7, and M5 series for 2023 and see if any of them are the right fit for you.

Tip: Check out our report on the previously released 2022 Samsung M8 Smart Monitor 

From David Phelps, Vice President of Product Management, Samsung Electronics America: “When we introduced the Smart Monitor with streaming TV three years ago, we raised the bar for what a monitor could be for entertainment and productivity…Our 2023 Smart Monitors with streaming TV continue to lead this emerging category of smart displays with technological breakthroughs and new screen sizes to fit in any space.

Picture Quality Enhancement: For 2023 Samsung has implemented multiple upgrades and feature enhancements for the M8 including HDR 10+, and 400 nit brightness. The M8 and M7 both support up to a 99% sRGB color gamut. 

Tip: The M8 and M7 support 4K UHD resolution, while the M5 series is more limited with FHD (1080p) display resolution. All three series use LED/LCD TV display technology.

Slim Design: The M8 and step-down M7 series have both been redesigned so that they fit nearly anywhere in the home. The new Iconic Slim Design enables the M8 and M7 to have a flat, super slim 11.39mm thick frame. The ergonomic, slim design provides workspace utility and style. The back of the M8 and M7 displays have a herringbone pattern design.

Samsung Smart Monitor M8 vertical in kitchen

Adjustable Stand: A height-adjustable stand with tilt helps M8 and M7 users adjust the viewing angle. New for 2023, the screen can also rotate 90 degrees to view long documents in portrait orientation.

Gaming Hub: The 2023 line includes expanded Smart TV features such as the Samsung Gaming Hub. This allows users to play games from several streaming partners (Xbox, GeForce Now, Utomik, Luna, Antstream, and Blackout), with no PC or gaming console needed. The monitors also continue to offer popular video streaming apps like Prime Video, Netflix, and YouTube via Samsung’s onscreen Smart Hub interface. 

Samsung Smart Monitor M8 in home with smartthings

Smart Things Hub: In addition to the Smart Hub streaming interface users can connect, control, and manage hundreds of compatible connected devices from the Smart Monitors with a SmartThings Hub (built-in on the M8 series, requires a $34.99 dongle on M7, and M5 series). With the SmartThings App, users can turn off lights, adjust the thermostat, and more.

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Voice Assistance: The M8 and M7 also include built-in voice assistants, including Bixby and Amazon Alexa, for easy voice control of the monitor. The built-in mic supports Far-field voice capability, allowing users to speak directly to the monitor.

Tip: Voice assistance is not available on the M5 series.

Samsung Smart Monitor M8 angle

My Contents: Now available across the 2023 Smart Monitor lineup is My Contents. This feature allows users to access helpful information such as photos, schedules, calendars, weather, and more… Also, when the monitor is on standby mode and detects a registered smartphone through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), the screen lights up with the user’s photos, calendar, weather, and other info. The monitor resumes standby mode when the smartphone is out of range.

Camera: The M8 has a removable, magnetic camera (SlimFit) so users can connect wirelessly with no additional camera purchase ($99.99 to add it to the M7 and M5 series). The SlimFit camera supports FHD (1080p) resolution. Video conferencing features with Google Meet and other apps are supported. In addition, Auto Framing keeps users in the center of the frame, even when they move.

Multi-View: For 2023 Multi View allows you to use Microsoft 365 and the Browser app in full-screen mode to reduce switching between apps. 

Apple Connectivity: Samsung Smart Monitors can wirelessly connect to Apple devices to view content from an iPhone, iPad, and Mac on a bigger screen. 

Tip: Samsung Smart monitors can be connected to a Mac Mini as well as to a PC.

Wired Connectivity: With four ports, users can connect completely to the Smart Monitor without any adapters to charge devices, transmit data, or make the most out of a multi-screen setup.

Keyboard and Mouse Control: To enhance the interface of all the 2023 Smart Monitors, mouse, and keyboard control functionality has been added to many apps, including SmartThings and Smart Hub. Users can now maintain full control while exploring their favorite content without needing a remote.

Samsung Smart Monitor M8 front with remote control

2023 Samsung Smart Monitor Comparison

Series/Model M8/M80C M7/M70C M5/M50C
MSRP $649.99 $549.99 $279.99
Screen Sizes 32 and 27-inches 32 and 27-inches 32 and 27-inches
Aspect Ratio 16×9 16×9 16×9
Display Resolution  3840 x 2160 (UHD) 3840 x 2160 (UHD) 1930 x 1080 (FHD)
Average Brightness (NITS – cd/m2) 400 300 250
HDR HDR10/10+ HDR10 HDR10
Refresh Rate 60Hz 60Hz 60Hz
Response Time 4ms 4ms 4ms
Contrast Ratio 3,000:1 3,000:1 3,000:1
Smart Features Yes Yes Yes
Voice Assistance Yes Yes No
SmartThings IoT Hub Built-in Requires Dongle Requires Dongle
Multi-View 2 Full Screens 2 Full Screens 2 Screens 
Stand Type Height Adjustable/Pivot/Tilt Height Adjustable/Pivot/Tilt Standard
Wall Mountable  Yes Yes Yes
Adaptive Picture Yes Yes Yes
Eye Saver/Flicker Free Modes Yes Yes Yes
HDMI Inputs 1 (ver 2.0) 1 (ver 2.0) 2 (ver 1.4)
USB 2 (type A) – 1 (type C) 2 (type A) – 1 (type C) 2 (type A)
Speaker System 5 watts x 2 5 watts x 2 5 watts x 2
Camera Included Optional (pogo ready) Optional (generic)
Remote  Control  Included (USB-C Charging) Included (USB-C Charging) Included (USB-C Charging)
Samsung Smart Monitor M8 on-wall

Availability and Price


  • 32-inches: $699.99 (Warm White, Daylight Blue, Sunset Pink, or Spring Green)
  • 27-inches: $649.99 (Warm White, Daylight Blue, Sunset Pink, or Spring Green)


  • 32-inches: $599.99 (Warm White)
  • 27-inches: $549.99 (Warm White)


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  • 32-inches: $299.99 (Black, White)
  • 27-inches: $279.99 (Black, White)

The 2023 Smart Monitor line will be available starting in June on and at select retailers nationwide. The previous year’s Samsung Smart Monitors are now 20-40% off at Amazon.

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