RSL Speakers: T.H.E. Show 2023

RSL Speaker Systems, also known as Rogersound Labs, started manufacturing and selling specialty loudspeakers in the early 1970s in Southern California.

As the industry’s original “Factory-Direct” speaker company, RSL continues this tradition today via its direct-to-consumer model, where its speakers are now available exclusively through their website.

This factory-direct tradition offers an unmatched value proposition that includes free shipping and a free trial period without the expense of a “middle-man” associated with products sold through conventional retail distribution.

You owe it to yourself to sample hifi on a budget. RSL’s loudspeakers range from $105 to $425 each, and their two subwoofers are $449 or $799. They will also soon be releasing a new mini amplifier (model ia255.1) for under $200, which was shown to the public for the first time at T.H.E. Show 2023. It was demonstrated in a 2.1 speaker system with RSL’s bookshelf speakers and their Speedwoofer 10S MK2 subwoofer.

RSL Speakers Amplifier at T.H.E. Show 2023
Soon to be released: RSL ia255.1 amplifier

In a separate room, RSL demonstrated a complete 7.2-channel home theater speaker system which used seven CG25 standmount speakers ($425 each) and two Speedwoofer 12S subwoofers ($799) powered by a Denon AVR-X4800H A/V Receiver ($2,499) and Panasonic Blu-ray player.

RSL Speakers 7.2 Home Theater Speaker System

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