Paramount+ and Showtime Are Merging Into A New Streaming Service

Don’t say that we didn’t warn you. We forecast at the beginning of 2023 that video streaming was about to experience a major industry shake-up. We saw some big changes coming and we have been proven correct in less than 5 months; HBO Max changed its name to MAX, Netflix cracked down on password sharing, Roku retired support for its original Roku 4K streamer which has implications for Disney+, and Comcast just announced a new streaming service for Xfinity internet subscribers.

We can now add Paramount+ and Showtime to that growing list; and there are others coming that are going to impact your wallet.

Paramount Global (formerly Viacom/CBS) has announced that is combining Paramount+ and the streaming version of Showtime into a single streaming service. 

From Tom Ryan, president, and CEO of Paramount Streaming: “This summer, Paramount+ will officially become the streaming home for Showtime, further advancing our lead in being the total household service…By integrating the Showtime premium and critically acclaimed portfolio with the service’s already broad and popular slate, all at a competitive price, we will solidify Paramount+ as a cornerstone in streaming.

Showtime Cable TV Viewers

In addition, the new streaming combination, for those that subscribe to Showtime on cable, will be renamed Pramount+ with Showtime. This means Showtime cable subscribers will be able to see some Paramount+ content on cable (this may include select Star Trek streaming content).

On the downside, the Showtime app will be shut down by the end of 2023.

Pricing Changes

The new Paramount+ with Showtime premium tier will increase to $2, from $9.99 to $11.99/month, while its lower-priced tier, without Showtime content, will increase by $1 to $5.99/month. 

The new Paramount+/Showtime combined operation is expected to start on June 27, 2023. 

For sign-up information, go to the Paramount+ sign-up page. 

Tip: Choose the Paramount+ with Showtime Annual Plan at $119.99/year to save $24 a year. Currently there’s a half-off promotion for 3-months that only applies to monthly plans.

More Streaming Changes

The combining of Paramount+ with Showtime may be the latest in the 2023 streaming service shakeout, but it won’t be the last. Disney appears next in line as it is being reported that big changes are happening for both Disney+ and Hulu that might result in the eventual combining of those services.

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The reality is that consumers don’t have the money to support all of these streaming channels and don’t see the point of having to subscribe to more than 2 or 3 to get everything that they want to watch.

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