Optoma’s UHZ35ST Short Throw Laser Projector Delivers 4K Resolution and 30,000 Hours?

You have to love the skillful art of public relations; and this is not to just pick on the manufacturer that actually makes some very good projectors that deliver excellent value for the money, but how many people will place this on a coffee table to create that 100-inch image? Let’s dig a little deeper into this. Optoma has announced its new UHZ35ST short throw projector. The UHZ35ST incorporates a laser light source, and 4K UHD resolution via pixel shifting.

Building on the foundation of its previously popular UHD35STx, the UHZ35ST replaces the former’s limited life lamp-based light source with Optoma’s 30,000 hour (In Eco Mode) DuraCore laser light source

UHD Resolution via Pixel Shifting 

The laser light source is also combined with a .47-inch 1080p resolution DLP imaging chip (aka DMD – Digital Micromirror Device) from Texas Instruments. The chip contains 2.1 million pixels (very tiny mirrors). The projector is able to display 4K UHD resolution (8.3 million pixels) via shifting the pixels on the 1080p chip both vertically and horizontally at 240Hz (240 times per second). This process is so fast the image displayed on the screen is classified as a 4K UHD resolution image.

Short Throw Lens

Optoma UHZ35ST Short Throw Projector Lifestyle

To support a large-screen viewing experience, the Optoma UHZ35ST incorporates a short-throw lens. This allows the display of up to 100-inch images from about 3.6 feet away from the screen; which allows users to experience large-screen home theater or gaming even in smaller rooms. The UHZ35ST also has a compact design that is 34% smaller than the previous UHD35STx.

Keystone Correction

To position the image on the screen properly, the UHZ35ST is equipped with horizontal and vertical keystone correction, as well as 360° and portrait mode operation. 


The UHZ35ST delivers a fast input response. With four times the standard refresh rate at 240Hz in 1080p and an ultra-low-input lag of 4ms for PC gaming. 

Gaming with Optoma UHZ35ST Short Throw Projector

Entertainment Content Access

Dual HDMI inputs provide connections for game consoles, set-top boxes, laptops, PCs, Blu-ray players, or media streamers via a single cable. You can also connect an HDMI dongle streaming device like the Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV or Roku stick.

Additional Specifications

  • Resolution: 4K UHD (3840×1260) via pixel shifting
  • Light Output: 3,500 lumens
  • Contrast Ratio: 500,000:1
  • HDR: HDR10 and HLG compatibility
Optoma UHZ35ST Short Throw Projector with HDR
  • 3D Viewing Mode: Full HD 3D, Compatible with 3D Blu-ray, 3D Gaming, and more… (requires additional glasses purchase)
  • Throw ratio: 0.496:1
  • Screen Size Range: 36 to 300-inches
  • Projector Distance: 15.75 to 129.92 inches
  • Noise level: (typical) 28dB, (max) 30dB
  • IP rating: IP6X
  • Light source: DuraCore laser light source with up to 30,000 hours of maintenance-free operation (in eco mode)
  • Gaming Support: Built-in Enhanced Gaming Mode with 4ms response time in 1080p at 240Hz and 16.9ms response time in 4K at 60Hz
  • Audio:  1 speaker with built-in amplification (15 watts system output)
  • Connectivity: 2x HDMI ver 2.0 in, 3.5mm Audio out (allows connection to an external audio system), USB-A power 1.5A, RS232, RJ45
  • Standard Control Options: Wireless Remote Control (card style), On-board Touch Controls
  • Custom Control Options: RS232, AMX, Crestron RoomView, Extron IPLink
  • Power Supply: External Plug-in
  • Eco-Sustainability: The UHZ35ST’s chassis is made up of 50% post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials.
Optoma UHZ35ST Short Throw Projector Rear Connectivity
Optoma UHZ35ST Short Throw Projector Controls
Optoma UHZ35ST Short Throw Projector Power Supply

From Oliver Blundell, Product Manager at Optoma: “The new UHZ35ST offers all the top features that have made our popular UHD35STx a favorite, boasting an industry-leading low latency and flexible short throw performance,… Paired with a new laser light source and more sustainable chassis, the UHZ35ST guarantees greater energy efficiency for elevated home entertainment and gaming experiences.

Key Differences

Here is a comparison of some of the key features of the UHZ35ST and the UHD35STx that it is replacing.

Feature/Specification UHZ35ST UHZ35STx
Light Source Duracore Laser Lamp (240 watts)
Light Source Life Up to 30,000 Hours 4,000 to 10,000 hours depending on the light mode setting)
Light Output Up to 3,500 Lumens Up to 3.600 Lumens
Contrast Ratio 500,000:1 1,000,000:1
Keystone Correction Up to + or – 15 degrees Horiz/Vert Up to + or – 40 degrees Horiz/Vert
Lens Shift No Yes – Vertical +0%
SPDIF (digital optical) Audio Output No Yes
Audio System 1 speaker x 15 watts  1 speaker x 10 watts
Dimensions (WDH) 10.79 x 8.4 x 4.49 inches 12.4 x 10.63 x 4/65 inches
Net Weight 6.61 l lbs 7.72 lbs
Price $3,299 US
$4,499 CAD
$1,396 US
$2,238 CAD 
Optoma UHZ35ST Short Throw Projector Front

Availability and Pricing

The Optoma UHZ35ST is available for purchase in the United States for an estimated street price (Amazon) of $3,299 at Amazon or $4,499 at Amazon.ca

Tip: The Optoma UHD35STx is available with a street price of $1,396 at Amazon or $2,238 at Amazon.ca 

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