Onkyo, Integra and Pioneer Elite AVRs Get Firmware Updates

Home theater customers have become increasingly weary of having to replace their existing AVRs when new surround formats or features are introduced. It is easy to understand their frustration. Manufacturers also rush products to market to keep up with the competition and there are often software issues that require a firmware update.

With that in mind, the Premium Audio Company (PAC), a subsidiary of Voxx International, has released a 2023 firmware update for select Integra, Onkyo, and Pioneer Elite AVRs to improve functionality, connectivity, and the overall user experience. Let’s check out the details.

Klipsch Optimized Mode

Compatible AVRs

2023 Onkyo TX-RZ70 Premium A/V Receiver
2023 Onkyo TX-RZ70 A/V Receiver

In addition to the new Klipsch Reference Premiere and Reference speakers, Klipsch Optimized Mode provide Integra and Onkyo AVRs precise crossover values for Klipsch architectural speakers, as well as the new Klipsch Reference Premiere subwoofers.

This eliminates the tendency to use arbitrary settings assigned by many automatic room calibration solutions. The Klipsch Optimzed mode is easy to set up in the AVR menu and the result is peak performance out of already amazing-sounding speakers. Refer to the Klipsch Optimized Mode page details (applies to both compatible Onkyo and Integra AVRs)

Custom Integration (CI) Improvements

Compatible AVRs (Integra only)

Integra DRX-8.4 A/V Receiver 2023
2023 Integra DRX-8.4 A/V Receiver

Integra AVRs are designed from the ground up for custom install systems. As such, they already incoroporate many of the features that are needed. However, there is always room for improvement.  What that in mind, the latest firmware adds the following features

Web Setup

  • Access Web Setup by IP address from any browser-based device
  • Additions to web setup latest Firmware include: 
    • HDCP timing adjust increases compatibility across connected devices
    • Sink test now includes bandwidth to determine maximum resolution of signal over cable runs
    • Firmware Update command now available within Web Setup

Additional Improvements

  • Input Skip functionality added to minimize user error
  • Control protocol addition for Dirac Slot 1- 3 toggle selection so users can compare Dirac curves more easily (Dirac equipped models only). Tip: More on Dirac

Advanced On-Screen and App Display Feature Tweaks

Compatible AVRs:

2023 Pioneer Elite VSX-LX805 A/V Receiver
2023 Pioneer Elite VSX-LX805 A/V Receiver

With the firmware update, select Integra, Onkyo, and Pioneer AVRs now have additional on-screen and app displays to enhance user gaming experiences. With added Gaming Awareness specs on the On-Screen Display, users will see feedback from the AVR to ensure the gaming system is providing the settings selected including:

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Tip: Improvement in Bluetooth connectivity is also included.  

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