McIntosh Unveils MQ112 Environmental Equalizer

When setting up a stereo system, you can have the best components, but if your speakers and room don’t match up sonically, you won’t be getting the best listening experience. With that in mind, McIntosh has announced the launch of the MQ112 Environmental Equalizer; a high-end 8-band stereo equalizer that is designed to optimize any home audio listening space.

The MQ112 is one of the first new equalizers we have seen introduced over the past few years; the trend in the market right now is to utilize digital room correction with platforms like Dirac Live that have proven to be very effective when used in traditional two-channel and home theater systems.

Mcintosh MQ112 Environmental Equalizer Front and Back

What the MQ112 Offers

The design of the MQ112 features McIntosh’s timeless and distinct visual characteristics, including the illuminated logo, black glass front faceplate, rotary control knobs, and custom-machined aluminum end caps.

The MQ112 incorporates analog equalization features, which enables listeners to adjust audio signal levels ±12dB at 8 key bands between 25Hz and 10kHz. 

Rather than tinkering with room treatments, speaker placement, or even reorganizing the entire room to optimize the acoustics of their sound system, the MQ112 enables users to fine-tune the mix and balance of frequencies to craft the ideal sonic profile for any listening space – or compensate for the imperfections in vintage recordings for the clearest reproduction of their sound.

Mcintosh MQ112 Environmental Equalizer Rear Connections

Both balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA line) inputs and outputs are included. This ensures that the MQ112 provides versatility for integration within any sound system. It can be connected between the preamplifier and power amplifier (balanced or unbalanced) of any audio configuration. 

A secondary pair of outputs allows for connection to two separate stereo systems, bi-amped between a single pair of speakers, or up to two subwoofers. 

In more complex stereo systems, the MQ112 can be connected through processor loops or tape monitor record/play connections on many preamplifiers and integrated amplifiers.

From McIntosh President Charlie Randall: “The new MQ112 puts McIntosh’s powerful EQ capabilities in a standalone unit, giving listeners more options to customize and fine-tune their system’s equalization than ever before…We are excited by the possibilities that the MQ112 offers audio enthusiasts to take control of their sound.

McIntosh MQ112 Environmental Equalizer EQ Control/Tilt Dials

Additional key features include:

  • TILT knob allows for tonal balance shift of ±6dB to boost bass or treble across the entire frequency range
  • EQ Control IN and OUT settings bypass the equalizer circuit for easy comparison of the EQ output to the original unaltered signal.
Mcintosh MQ112 Environmental Equalizer Left Angle

Availability and Pricing

The MQ112 will be available through authorized McIntosh local and online dealers beginning October 2023, retailing for $3,000 USD.

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