LG’s 97M3 97-inch Zero Connect Wireless OLED TV is Finally Shipping

We first saw the LG 97M3 with Zero Connect Technology at the 2023 CES where it was displayed prominently at the LG booth; the CES 2023 Innovation Award winning TV impressed attendees for both its excellent image quality and innovative design.

After almost 6 months of waiting, LG has finally begun to ship the 97-inch M3 as part of its SIGNATURE OLED TV line. The 97M3 is currently available in South Korea, with plans for a global rollout to key markets including North America and Europe later this year.

Tip: What is an OLED TV?

LG Signature M Series OLED TV Recap

The LG Signature M Series OLED TV is the world’s first consumer TV with Zero Connect technology. This feature provides real-time wireless video and audio transmission at up to 4K @ 120Hz. The 97M3 delivers superior picture and sound quality as well as greater flexibility to install and connect.

Zero Connect technology eliminates the need to have cables and devices in close proximity to the screen. This means less clutter because all of your source devices connect to the included Zero Connect Box (which can be placed anywhere in your viewing room and transmits the signals to the built-in receiver in the 97M3’s 97-inch 4K UHD OLED display panel. 

LG Zero Connect Box

Tip: The Zero Connect Box has a 10-meter transmission distance. The box identifies the optimal transmission path and has an adjustable antenna that can be positioned according to the screen’s location.

The Zero Connect Box includes a full range of connection options including HDMI 2.1, USB, RF, LAN, and Bluetooth. 

LG Zero Connect Box Back

LG’s proprietary wireless transmission technology supports large amounts of data at up to 3 times the speed of the existing Wi-Fi 6E standard. Wireless transmission of Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos is also supported. 

As part of LG’s SIGNATURE Series TV products, the OLED M series has an ultra-modern Gallery Design, which provides a seamless, flush-to-wall mount. Users can effectively eliminate the need to place a cabinet or table directly near the TV.

LG Signature 97M3 Wireless OLED TV Corner

The LG M utilizes an LG Evo OLED panel and includes all of the video processing, smart features, user navigation, and gaming support as other LG OLED TVs (reportedly the same as the G3 series). 

Tip: It is expected that the M3 will not include LG’s latest OLED Meta technology

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Availability and Pricing

As shown at CES and also mentioned in LG’s current announcement, the LG SIGNATURE OLED M Series is being offered to consumers first in 97-inch screen size (as it was presented at CES), but it has been indicated that 83 and 77-inch screen sizes are forthcoming. 

As mentioned at the top of the article, LG is pursuing a slow global launch with current availability in South Korea, and subsequent availability in the coming weeks and months in other select markets including the UK, Europe, and North America (as is common, the U.S. will be last or near the last to get them). 

LG Signature 97M3 Wireless OLED TV Side with Stand

LG’s South Korean website has the 97M3 listed for sale at 43,900,000원 at lg.co.kr with wall-mount or 45,800,000원 at lg.co.kr with stand.

The initial price of the 97-inch model is £27,999 (UK). When the other screen sizes are released, the 83-inch is expected to be priced at £7,999.99 (UK) and the 77-inch should carry a price of £5,999.99 (UK) sizes.

When finally available in the US, the tentative prices indicated so far are $35,400 (97-inch), $10,000 (83-inch), and $7,600 (77-inch).

Tip: Although the LG SIGNATURE M Series TV is labeled as wireless, it still has power cords for both the display and Zero Connect Box. If you want a truly wireless TV, check out our report on Displace TV.

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