IsoAcoustics’ Aperta Sub XL Isolator Will Firm Up Your Bottom End: High-End Munich 2023

Big Bottoms. Big Bottoms. Big Bottoms drive me out of my mind. Don’t let your subwoofer get left behind.

Vibration is the enemy; both in the recording studio and in your home when it comes to sound quality. Put your hand on your loudspeaker while listening to music and you’ll immediately feel how the energy produced by the drivers causes the cabinet to resonate. That level of resonance affects how your loudspeaker sounds. External vibration from your room, equipment stand, or loudspeaker stands impacts how your loudspeakers sound as well.

We have written rather extensively about IsoAcoustics’ range of isolation stands and platforms and many of us them in our own systems; I currently use one set of Aperta stands on the desktop with bookshelf loudspeakers and three of their isolation platforms underneath 2 turntables and my Cambridge Audio Edge A Integrated Amplifier.

IsoAcoustics Aperta Sub XL

The Aperta Sub XL brings the patented IsoAcoustics isolation technology to larger subwoofers of up to 160 lbs / 72.5 kg. Taming the power of such mighty speakers is no easy feat, but IsoAcoustics managed to build on the design of the Aperta Sub for smaller subwoofers to perfectly support heavier models. By carefully managing the distribution of low frequencies, the Aperta Sub XL retains the subwoofer’s power while mitigating unwanted side effects, leading to a clearer, more defined sound.

IsoAcoustics Aperta Sub
IsoAcoustics Aperta Sub (smaller version)

Managing Powerful Bass

Like its smaller sibling, the IsoAcoustics Aperta Sub XL decouples the subwoofer from the supporting surface. Its specially designed internal isolators absorb the energy that would otherwise be transferred to the structure underneath and cause disturbances of the sound image.

It also keeps that energy from reflecting and being conducted back into the subwoofer, where it could cause smearing. The result is a remarkable improvement in terms of clarity and definition – sonic properties that are particularly hard to come by in the low frequency spectrum.

Design & Functionality

The design of the IsoAcoustics Aperta Sub XL is as clever as it is subtle. It discreetly supports and decouples the subwoofer without drawing much attention. Since most subwoofers come with feet in all four corners, the Aperta Sub XL uses the space between the feet to make contact, an important design decision considering the isolators are directional to maintain the speaker’s energy on-axis.

It comes with optional carpet disks that anchor the sub into carpeted surfaces if required. The Aperta Sub XL measures at 14.5” wide by 16” deep by 1.5” high (368 mm x 406 mm x 37 mm).

IsoAcoustics Aperta Sub XL isolator under subwoofer crop
IsoAcoustics Aperta Sub XL


IsoAcoustics will show the Aperta Sub XL at hifi trade show HIGH END from the 18th through 21st May 2023 at the MOC in Munich, Germany. Attendees can find IsoAcoustics at Atrium 4.2 F210 and listen to the company’s products in action.

The presentations will feature A/B demonstrations with GAIA isolators on Focal Scala Utopia Evo speakers, showcasing the considerable sound difference between GAIA isolators and the speakers’ factory spikes.

Price & Availability

  • The IsoAcoustics Aperta Sub XL (supporting up to 160 lbs) will be available in June 2023 for $189.99 USD.

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