If You Can Buy One of These Giant TVs on Amazon, You Officially Have Too Much Money

If there’s one thing that’s almost as inevitable as death and taxes it’s that every year TVs get bigger, TVs get better and TVs get cheaper. You can pick up a 98-inch 4K TV from TCL for under $4,000. Hey, it’s not a top of the line OLED TV but the TCL produces nice crisp, bright moving images, and has Google TV built in for all your streaming needs. And did I mention it’s enormous? But what if you actually want the best? Well, as they say, you get what you pay for.

Here are some of the top performing extra large sized TVs on the market today. If you put one of these in your cart and check out, you officially have too much money (as well as impeccable taste in TVs). And hey, if you’re an Amazon Prime customer, the shipping is free (so there is that).

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LG’s 97-inch G2 4K OLED TV.

LG 97-inch G2 OLED TV (Currently $24,999)

$25,000 for a 2022 Model Year TV? Well to be fair, it is an OLED, and OLED TVs are rated tops for picture quality, year after year. And it is rather large. The LG G2 is a 4K Smart TV based on LG’s WebOS platform with access to all the streaming services you could want. It includes support for Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos and features LG’s Alpha 9, Gen 5 AI processor for color and motion processing and upconversion of SD and HD content to full 4K resolution. Its extra large 97-inch size will bring a cinematic experience to your living room without the installation complexity of a projector.

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LG Z2 OLED 88-inch 8K TV
LG’s Z2 OLED TV features 8K resolution (that’s over 33 millllllllion pixels).

LG 88-inch 8K Z2 OLED TV (Currently $25,993.98)

Like the G2, LG’s Z2 OLED features LG Display’s high performance WRGB OLED panel for inky black levels, excellent contrast and bright saturated colors. It includes many of the same features and functionality as the G2, but there’s one big difference: The Z2 features 8K resolution – over 33,000,000 pixels. That’s 16 times the resolution of Full HD 1080P and four times the resolution of 4K Ultra HD. Do you really need all those pixels? Maybe not. There isn’t a lot of 8K content out there yet. But LG’s Alpha 9 Gen 5 processor can upconvert all your SD, HD and Ultra HD content to 8K resolution, which brings picture detail to the next level. And on a screen that’s 88-inches, you definitely benefit from the higher pixel density. The smaller 77-inch Z2 won this year’s 8K TV Shootout, besting competitive LED/LCD 8K sets from Sony and Samsung.

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LG’s 97-inch M3 4K Wireless OLED TV won our “Best of CEDIA Expo” award for best XXL TV. It is pictured here with LG’s own wireless speakers.

LG 97-inch Signature Series M3 Wireless 4K TV (Currently $29,996.99)

Noticing a trend? Yes, all three of the most expensive consumer model TVs available today are from LG. This is because LG currently leads the market in OLED Display production and OLED TVs tend to have the best picture quality. Plus LG is still the only company (other than Bang and Olufsen) selling OLED TVs in the largest screen sizes. What makes the M3 special (other than its high performance next generation META OLED panel) is that it offers completely wireless connectivity. The only wire it needs is a power plug. Everything else plugs into a separate “ZeroConnect” box which can be placed somewhere else in the room and which transmits wireless 4K video and audio to the TV.

While this lack of wires doesn’t really matter if you’re mounting the TV to the wall (and hiding all those wires in said wall), it does make things easier (and sexier) if the TV is placed out into the room a bit. “Look ma, no wires!” The M3 won our “Best of CEDIA Expo 2023” award for XXL TVs, primarily for its overall picture performance (thanks to the new META OLED panel with MLA technology) but also due to its unique wireless connectivity option.

> Check Out the 97-inch Signature Series M3 Wireless OLED TV on Amazon

The Bottom Line

Big, beautiful OLED TVs are here, but they’re gonna cost ya.

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