Home Lighting Trends 2023: Best Lighting Ideas

Looking to revamp your space? Consider changing one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of interior home décor—the lighting. When it comes to the latter, it’s not just about installing a few bulbs to help you see or locate every item in the room.

You must position your lights perfectly and ensure they’re beautiful and bright enough to provide the illumination your space requires. Ultimately, your lighting should bring harmony to your home to create the cosy ambience you yearn for.

One of the surefire ways to land the best lighting for your home is by amassing adequate knowledge about what’s available on the market. Therefore, it’s paramount to get a grasp on the latest trends, including the following.

Recessed Lighting

Downlights may have been around for a while, but they’re not going out of style soon. So, expect to see more of these elegant styles of lights in 2023, with fancier finishes and designs. And you’re also likely to find broader size ranges too.

Most homeowners like recessed lighting because it sits flush with the walls or ceilings, saving on space. Once installed, they create an ideally clean profile that takes your interior décor up a notch while delivering adequate illumination.

 Another allure of recessed lights is their ease of maintenance. You can change the finishes whenever you want and wipe the dust off them at your convenience.

Coloured Lighting Fixtures 

People will use coloured lighting fixtures to reshape their spaces and influence their moods in 2023. Options like red, yellow, and orange make individuals feel warm. And they are handy when creating relaxing or intimate spaces.

 If you’re aiming for elegance, go for a lighting fixture with a black finish to match your walls and furniture. Feel free to look for a professional interior designer to help you find the perfect piece based on the styles of lights you want and your current home décor.

 For instance, using black pendants is among today’s most popular dining room lighting trends. They’re still fashionable, so consider them if you have white kitchen furniture—they’ll look spectacular together. You can also install them in your bedroom to make it look classier.

Bubble Chandeliers

We already have countless homes with bubble lights, which are set to become even more popular in 2023. These unique lights look gorgeous in any room, whether it’s your kitchen, bedroom or living area. What’s more, they don’t just illuminate your space; they create a luxurious, warm aura that’ll even make your guests feel at home.

You can customize your bubble chandelier to blend in with your other décor pieces. Plus, feel free to place it wherever you see fit—you can even safely position it right above your cooker top, thanks to technology.

Linear LED Lighting

Tons of people have fallen in love with LED linear lights because of their flexibility and durability. These luxurious lighting options also boast an incredible aesthetic appeal, which is why in 2023, they will amass more fans.

Should you jump on the bandwagon, you’ll be happy to know that you have several amazing linear lighting options to explore.

If your ceilings are exposed, and you want to achieve a traditional look, surface-mounted linear lights will serve you best. Minimalists with a contemporary interior home décor theme should go for recessed linear lighting, while those looking to create an illusion of depth can opt for suspended linear lights.

Innovative Wall Lighting Ideas 

Wall sconces are timeless. More people will use them to complement other lights in their living spaces and improve their interior design. Fortunately, these lighting fixtures are versatile, so they’re perfect for any room, whether it’s your dining room, bathroom or bedroom.

Besides, they come in various shapes, designs, colours, and materials. You only need to make your pick, depending on your taste, needs and budget.

For example, up light sconces are perfect if you want to illuminate a large space or are a sucker for bright lighting. When you need control over the areas you light up, go for swing arm sconces, as you can move them however you want.

Smart Lighting Systems

Many people are fascinated by smart lighting systems because they are energy-efficient, safe, long-lasting and customizable. Besides, it’s super exciting to control them using your smartphone or voice command. And you can change the lighting scenes as often as you like, allowing you to set the mood while you’re still in bed or sitting on the couch scrolling through your favourite TV shows.

A recent report by Meticulous Research shows the smart lighting market will be worth a whopping $39.91 billion by 2029. This leaves no doubt that the number of homeowners installing smart lighting systems will increase in 2023.

Backlit Mirrors

These unique styles of lights are expected to grow more popular in 2023, especially in the bathroom. They generate an even amount of light, which makes them suitable for shaving, styling hair or applying makeup.

We all like backlit mirrors because they utilize less energy than typical light bulbs and last a long time. So, if you’re looking for a cost-effective lighting option for your home, they could be all you require.

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