Dirac Offers Live Bass Control for Select Onkyo, Pioneer Elite, and Integra AVRs

Swedish digital audio pioneer Dirac, which specializes in optimizing home, auto, and headphone listening, has announced it is expanding its collaboration with Premium Audio Company by incorporating Dirac Live Bass Control into the Integra DRX-8.4, Pioneer Elite VSX-LX805/VSA-LX805, and Onkyo TX-RZ70 AVRs. 

Integra DRX-8.4 A/V Receiver 2023
2023 Integra DRX-8.4 A/V Receiver

What Dirac Live Bass Control Does

Dirac Live Bass Control is designed to assist users to manage subwoofers by aggregating measurement and location data from each subwoofer in your system to determine how the bass is distributed throughout the room. It then identifies inconsistencies in the low-frequency response and compensates to distribute bass evenly throughout the room.

In addition to measurement and location data, Dirac Live Bass Control corrects the time alignment of subwoofers with the main speaker pair, assuring that the entire spectrum of audio is accurately reproduced. All of this processing enables the subwoofers to be positioned anywhere in the room – wherever most aesthetically pleasing – without sacrificing performance.

2023 Pioneer Elite VSX-LX805 A/V Receiver
2023 Pioneer Elite VSX-LX805 A/V Receiver

Dirac Live Bass Control enables smooth and evenly distributed bass that goes beyond the tuning that can be done when setting up subwoofers manually

The benefits of Dirac Live Bass Control include: 

  • Smoother low-frequency transition at the crossover point between subwoofers and speakers
  • The consistent low-frequency response throughout the listening area
  • Bass management on multiple subwoofers
  • Allows for Flexible subwoofer placement

Dirac Live Bass Control Promo Video

Dirac Live Bass Control and Dirac Live Room Correction

Dirac Live Bass Control is part of the Dirac Live family of audio processing, which also includes the Dirac Live Room Correction, which is also included in the Onkyo, Pioneer, Elite, and Integra AVRs. 

Dirac Live Room Correction benefits include improved localization of sound sources, improved clarity and intelligibility in music and speech, and a deeper and tighter low-frequency response free of resonances throughout the entire listening area. 

Dirac Live Room Correction Lifestyle

From Fredric Tapper, Dirac’s VP of Home & Pro Audio: “The integration of Dirac Live Bass Control, along with the availability of the Dirac Live Room Correction, puts professional-level acoustical room control within reach of all listeners. In collaboration with four of the industry’s most iconic brands, Dirac is proving that the world’s best room acoustics software is not just for audiophiles — it’s for everyone.”

From Rob Standley, President of Technology and Product for Premium Audio Company:

“…Our continuing cooperative relationship with Dirac, which began with Dirac Live Room Correction and now has grown to also include Dirac Live Bass Control, helps extend all of our brands and technology to a wider range of consumers, who benefit from improved audio quality, and has created the foundation for even more innovation and collaboration in the future.”

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To activate Dirac Live Bass Control in the selected AVRs, you must pay a license fee of $349 (for the single-subwoofer version) and $499 (for the multi-subwoofer version) via the Dirac Online Store (Integra DRX-8.4, Pioneer Elite VSX-LX805/VSA-LX805, Onkyo RX-Z70)

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Tip: Dirac Live Room Correction comes with each of the listed AVRs for no additional charge.

2023 Onkyo TX-RZ70 Premium A/V Receiver
2023 Onkyo TX-RZ70 A/V Receiver

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