BenQ’s X-Series Gaming Projectors for 2023 Make Large-Screen Gaming a 4K Experience We Really Want to Try

Gaming has become a multi-billion dollar entertainment category and that reality has not been lost on the manufacturers of TVs, PC monitors, and gaming headsets. Samsung and LG have made a point of developing gaming specific 4K monitors and Sony just purchased Audeze because of its success in the gaming headset market. But when it comes to the projector market, there is a genuine need for better options that offer a AAA gaming experience that consumers can immerse themselves in.

With that in mind, BenQ, the leading DLP 4K projector brand and innovator of digital lifestyle devices, has announced three new 4K HDR smart projectors designed specifically for AAA console gaming

From Houston Wei, Senior Director of BenQ North America: “The latest additions to our new X Series gaming projectors bring a revolutionary shift to the world of large-screen gaming. Boasting authentic 4K HDR visual quality and minimal input lag, these projectors are the ultimate platform for an immersive AAA gaming experience in various settings,…The flagship X3100i redefines the ultimate dream gaming room standard without compromise. The X500i transforms any compact space into gaming hubs, and the X300G projector empowers gamers to establish gaming centers within their personal space.

BenQ X-Series Gaming Projectors

BenQ X3000i Projector (exterior is identical to X3100i)

Following closely after the success of the BenQ X3000i ($1,999), 2022’s best 4K gaming projector, the new X3100i, X500i, and X300G models incorporate BenQ’s detail enhancement engine. 

All of the projectors incorporate an efficient, color-accurate LED light source, HDR-PRO, CinematicColor, and CinematicSound technologies, offering a richer and more immersive gaming experience than on previous models. 


DLP 4K Pixel Shifting

The heart of the X Series lies in BenQ’s innovative in-game detail refinement technology, delivering fully immersive gaming experiences filled with newly uncovered details and realism. True 4K resolution, consisting of 8.3 million distinct pixels via pixel shifting, complements the HDR-PRO technology optimized for projectors. 


HDR-PRO employs SSI (Solid State Illumination), Dynamic Black, and HDR tone mapping techniques, resulting in vibrant contrasts and realistic shadows that reveal intricate details even in dim settings. Additionally, the theater-grade BenQ CinematicColor technology supports precise color accuracy with an extensive color gamut, encompassing subtle shades, reaching up to 100% DCI-P3 coverage.


BenQ’s CinematicSound immerses X Series gamers with a 3D spatial audio environment crafted from its unique treVolo driver design and advanced sound processing. 

Ultra-Fast Response

With a response time of 4.2ms (1080p @240Hz), the X Series ensures gamers can instantly react, guaranteeing unmatched in-game victories. 

The X Series gaming projectors are designed for all gaming systems, offering various game modes such as role-playing, shooter, sports, and racing, with features like Auto Game Mode for optimized settings and input lag, SettingXChange for quick color shifts, and a built-in FPS Crosshair for precise targeting.

Smart Features

BenQ X Series gaming projectors feature Google-certified Android TV and built-in Netflix, offering a wide range of entertainment from apps to movies, sports, and even more games. They also support HDMI-eARC and S/PDIF (Digital Optical) connectivity for passing high-quality audio to external sound systems.

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To put it simply, even if you are not a gamer, these projectors provide access to an array of home entertainment content options from streaming or physically connected sources

BenQ Keystone Correction Illustration
BenQ Keystone Correction Illustration

Projector Design

With a modern look, the X Series gaming projectors are designed for easy, flexible installation, featuring the right throw ratios, lens shift, 2D keystone, and digital or motorized zoom. They’re ideal for any gaming space, big or small. 

Tip: Vertical lens shift is only included on the X3100i while the X300G is the only model with motorized zoom)

The X3100i is optimized for high-end users and is suitable for large rooms.

BenQ X3100i 4K UHD Gaming Projector
BenQ X3100i 4K UHD Gaming Projector

The X500i is well suited for a smaller room but can be used in a larger room depending on the projector and screen placement.

BenQ X500i 4K UHD Gaming Projector
BenQ X500i 4K UHD Gaming Projector

The X300G’s compact design is great for providing a big-screen gaming experience in a smaller room (such as a bedroom or studio apartment)

BenQ X300G 4K UHD Gaming Projector
BenQ X300G 4K UHD Gaming Projector


X3100i X500i X300G
Display Technology DLP DLP DLP
Light Source LED LED LED
Light Output 3,300 lumens 2,200 lumens 2,000 lumens
Resolution (via Pixel Shift) 4K HDR 4K HDR 4K HDR
Color Coverage 100% DCI-P3 84% DCI-P3/95% Rec 709 84% DCI-P3/95% Rec 709
Contrast 500,000:1 500,000:1 500,000:1
Throw Ratio 1.16 – 15 (100” @ 8.2 ft/2.5 meters 0.69 – 0.83 (100” @ 5ft/1.44m) 0.59 – 0.83 (100” @ 5 ft/1.44m)
Zoom 1.3 x 1.2 x 1.2 x (Motorized)
Keystone Correction 2D Keystone 2D Keystone 2D Keystone with Picture Rotation
Lens Shift Vertical  40 to 60% No No
Input Lag (4k @ 60Hz) 16.67 ms 16.67 ms 16.67 ms
Input Lag (1440p @ 120Hz) – Displayed at 1080p 8.3 ms 8.3 ms 8.3 ms
Input Lag (1080p @60Hz) 16.7 ms 16.7 ms 16.7 ms
Input Lag (1080p @ 120Hz) 8.7 ms 8.7 ms 8.7 ms
Input Lag (1080p @ 240Hz) 4.2 ms 4.2 ms 4.2ms
Smart OS Google Certified Android TV with Netflix Built-in Google Certified Android TV with Netflix Built-in Google Certified Android TV with Netflix Built-in
Audio 5 watt Trevelo Speaker x2  5 watt Trevelo Speaker x2  8 watt Trevelo Speaker x2 with Passive Radiator 
Dimensions (WHD)Without Adjustment Feet 10.7 x 7.8 x 10.2 inches (272 x 197.1 x 259.4 mm) 14.1 x 4.6 x 9.6 inches (366 x 118 x 244 mm) 8.3 x 7 x 7.2 inches (211 x 179.4 x 182 mm)
Weight 15 lbs/6.8 kg 7.9 lbs/3.6 kg 6.6 lbs/3.0 kg
Price $2,399 $1,699 $1,799

Game Mode Definitions: RPG (Role Playing Games), FPS (First Person Shooter), SPG (Shortest Proof Games), RCG (Role Playing Card Games)

BenQ X Series Projector Throw Distance
BenQ X Series Projector Throw Distance

Availability and Pricing

BenQ’s X3100i ($2,399) and X500i ($1,699) will be available to order in early November 2023 on The X300G ($1,799) will be available to order in January 2024. 

Beginning December 2023, the X3100i and X500i will be available for purchase on Amazon, Best Buy US, Adorama, B&H, and ProjectorPeople.

For more information:

Tip: You can see the new X Series gaming projectors in performance at the Tokyo Game Show 2023, booth 8 Hall-C18 at Gaming Hardware Area, from September 21-24, and TwitchCon 2023, booth #220, from October 20-22.

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